Do you have confidence that you get the best fit with new hires in your business? We have a robust and reliable process that mitigates the risk of a bad hire! Bad hires and the wrong fit cost you money, time and momentum!

Sourcing, selecting, engaging and retaining key people are one of the most challenging processes facing businesses and leaders alike. 

We have found the clarity of the intent, purpose and integrity of the sourcing organisation and its leader plays a huge part in the quality of the person recruited.

This process links our key recruitment specialists with our “best – fit” process. It examines the key drivers, motivators, and reasoning behind the person seeking the role. It discovers the key blind spots, engagers and more importantly the disengages that lay within the potential recruit. Plus many more indicators that are of extreme value.

We get all the people on the same page so that you can see in depth the characteristics, behaviours and drivers of ALL the short list. Compare apples with apples, not oranges.

There is only one time to connect with us regarding strategic recruitment – it is now!

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