Each of these topics can be formatted anyway you need (key note, seminar, or leadership program). We can also have Philip build a uniquely individual presentation or talk customised for your needs. Just ask us we can help bring life, vitality and productivity to your group or organisation. 

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“Three Horizons Leadership” looking beyond your tomorrow 

Three Horizons Leadership” takes your team on a journey of bringing the best of themselves to what they do. Philip shares simple and effective tools to bring a new level of discernment to leadership that increases the bottom line and leaves the team tighter and more productive. The sharing of real life wisdom and commercial reality wakes up the leaders to truly step up and lead. 
FORMAT: Key Note or Interactive Seminar 


“Leadership DNA” – eight steps to resilience in business 

Leadership DNA” Philip unlocks the vault on what it takes to be a resilient leader. He explores a series of steps that bring satisfaction and success to the role of a leader. It is thought provoking and will challenge the staid thinking surrounding today’s leaders. It pushes the boundaries and expands the mind. In a simple, entertaining and energised way Philip brings a depth of wisdom and a wealth of experience to those who have the courage to truly lead on behalf of their people and those who follow in their footsteps. 
FORMAT: Key Note or Interactive Seminar  


“The Next Step” finding courage, resilience and focus 

The Next Step” is practical and easily adaptable pathway to authentic leadership. It teaches what wise leadership is all about and how that impacts on the lives of the individual, the team, the organisation and its interactions with its clients and customers. It is interactive and provides practical steps for aspiring and current leaders. The sustainable benefits will leave a legacy with your people for their work and personal lives. 
FORMAT: Key Note or Interactive Seminar  


“Fearless Leaders”Creating certainty in an uncertain world. 

“Fearless Leaders” is a practical guide to becoming a business warrior who is fearless in the face of challenge, adversity and uncertainty. It unlocks the long forgotten gems that have served warriors over the years. It will take you on a journey that brings you to the cross roads of awareness and understanding of the universal laws that govern the way business, life and energy flows. It will bring you to a place where you can step up and take charge of your future with certainty in your heart. 
FORMAT: Key Note or Interactive Seminar  


“Headstart in Life” – keys to living well and making the better choices 

Headstart in Life” is all about getting your head engaged and selecting the right gear with which to move forward. Making the better choices is something that we as humans struggle with and really need to get right; otherwise we live our life in a state of frustration. There are four critical questions we need to ask – these will be shared and explored. Why not get a Headstart? 
FORMAT: Key Note or Interactive Seminar  

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