Each of these topics can be formatted anyway you need (key note, seminar, or leadership program). We can also have Philip build a uniquely individual presentation or talk customised for your needs. Just ask us we can help bring life, vitality and productivity to your group or organisation. 

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“Survive & Thrive” overcoming adversity 

The “Survive & Thrive” seminar / talk stimulates the thinking around challenges, adversity and set backs. It unlocks hidden benefits and lessons that are invaluable to the individual, the leader and to business. Incredibly valuable simple tools are deployed in rising to the challenge. You will never look at adversity, setbacks or challenges the same way again. 
FORMAT: Key Note or Interactive Seminar  


“Unlocking your Inner Potential” for freedom and success 

Unlocking your Potential” explores the pathways to maximising your innate (inbuilt) natural talent potential. It teaches how to unlock and embrace who you are to bring the best of you to what you do in life and work. The simple and effective tools and mind prompts are useable and effective. Discover the power of the human mind and harnessing that power to grow. It is thought provoking and will illuminate much that goes unseen in the world of human dynamics. 
FORMAT: Key Note or Interactive Seminar  


“The Real Stuff” the nuts and bolts of life and business 

The Real Stuff” is a realistic approach to leading, leadership and maximising your bottom-line whilst leaving a sustainable footprint on the world. It explores human interaction, customer fulfillment and gives you an edge in a fast paced world. Philip inspires people to step up within themselves and shares a deep wisdom from a huge real life knowledge bank. Full of energy leaving you ready for action. 
FORMAT: Key Note or Interactive Seminar  


“Sustainable Performance & Momentum” – people first 

Sustainable Performance & Momentum” enables the participants to take charge of their outcomes and more to a higher level of accountability both individually and collectively. The synergy that is brought to the team environment enhances and expands current outcomes. The presentation encourages, and inspires the attendees to be more and expands their thought processes. It illuminates the blind spots and encourages inclusive participation in the work place. 
FORMAT: Key Note or Interactive Seminar  

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